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Hardwood Flooring - Hana Timber - Floating Timber Floor Sydney

Hardwood Flooring

Made from single pieces of timber, hardwood floors are the traditional form of flooring. Their solid design makes them exceptionally durable,and they ...

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Loose Lay Sydney | Vinyl Plank Sydney

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating Timber floors refer to any flooring surface that does not need to be attached to the sub-floor beneath it. This makes installation relatively easy. We also offer Loose Lay Vinyl Plank as alternative.

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Laminate Flooring Sydney - Hana Timber - Floating Timber Floor Sydney

Laminate flooring Sydney

Laminate flooring consists of a resin and paper surface applied to a denser wooden or fiberboard material. The hard resin surface makes it durable ...

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Bamboo Flooring Sydney - Hana Timber - Floating Timber Floor Sydney

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo flooring is often chosen for its resemblance to hardwood flooring. It is durable, strong and available in various forms and finishes.

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About Hana Timber

Hana Timber was established in Sydney to provide the flooring market with a competitive range of products, adding value to homes across the state of NSW. Hana was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and respect in all aspects of the business - a philosophy which is still paramount today, and which, combined with our professional, leading-edge timber flooring products (including Unilin Laminated Flooring, Loose Lay and Vinyl Plank), Australian hardwood and professional work practices, has earned us the reputation of being 'the respected name in floor coverings' for many years.

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